Pre-purchase Strata Inspection Reports

  • Custom reports on request

  • Recent reports available for online purchase

  • Reports available for purchasers, vendors and vendor agents


Why do you need a Strata Inspection Report?

A strata inspection report is a detailed report for all purchasers of a Strata, Community or Company Titled property. These are important for both Residential and Commercial properties alike. The report provides vital information relating to the Strata Scheme, allowing you to make an informed decision before you buy.

Included in your report:

  • Strata Roll (current owner)

  • Quarterly Levies and Special Levies if applicable

  • Financial position of the Administration and Capital Works (formally Sinking Fund) Funds

  • Budget

  • Insurance

  • Capital Works Forecast (expected future costs over 10+ years)

  • Annual Fire Safety Statement

  • Litigation or Tribunal matters (fire safety or other)

  • Cladding reports or status if applicable

  • Building Warranty claims/Defects

  • By-Laws